Taking the first step is often the hardest.  Sometimes it can be helpful to hear from others who have gone before us to get an idea of what to expect.  Here is what some of our participants have to say about their experience with The Panic Room SA......

"Supportive & reassuring"
"....has been a lifesaver".

"Before seeing Kate I suffered with anxiety and depression for about 15 years. I'd tried to get help, but nothing seemed to work and I was sick and tired of being medicated.


I saw a lot of different doctors and a few psychologists who taught me breathing exercises and relaxation.  I also did CBT a few years ago, but I found it really difficult to keep doing it on my own.


Going to counselling has been a lifesaver.  My confidence has gone up and I feel like I dont have to pretend to be someone I'm not. I'm still on 50mg Zoloft, but am planning to get off of it in the next 6 months. Hopefully I can stay off. 


Kate makes you feel like you can relax and The Panic Room is very comfortable.  


Name witheld. Published with permission.



About 6 months ago I experienced an incident that triggered my depression and anxiety. My family was interstate so I had no support around me. The medical system had failed me and I was in an extremely desperate state. I was searching for help online when I found the Panic Room Forum on Facebook.


After reading a few of the posts I realised I was in the right hands.  I started attending the Panic Room group meetings. Information was shared regarding the topic for the evening and time was set aside for people to share their own experiences.


The members of this group demonstrated compassion and respect for each other. I found the whole event very supportive and reassuring.


I'm also attending one-on-one counselling sessions with Kate Henderson. She has a kind and warm nature.  The atmosphere of her room is calming and safe. I feel very comfortable confiding in her with my issues.  Kate has also taught me valuable information and techniques which have helped me greatly to understand and live with my condition.


I cannot thank Kate and the Panic Room members enough for the support and positive influence they have had on me. I will always be extremely grateful, they not only saved my marriage, but probably my life as well."


Name witheld. Published with permission.

"I would recommend"
"I know that I am not alone"

"The Panic Room has been the best support for anxiety that I have found. I have used the service ever since it started and have found it very helpful.


I have received emergency care in the past but it is only short term. After that you are alone and lost. I also saw psychologists but my anxiety didn't get better with their help. It was also costly on a disability allowance.  The best thing about the Panic Room is a that it is low cost ongoing support.


I have attended many of the support groups which have taught me skills I use to control my anxiety. I am doing so well I no longer attend every group but do use the online services to maintain my wellness. If I struggle to cope I feel relieved to know help is available. By attending groups I know I am not alone and what is happening to me is normal. I can talk and express myself to others who understand.


I've been so bad I couldn't leave my house to check the letterbox. Now I am looking for paid work. I have mothers contact me because their teenagers are having anxiety and I tell them to contact the Panic Room."


Chantel M.  Published with permission.



"I have been coming to the Panic Room SA for about a year. Having previously known Kate and Lina from another organisation I knew there would be a great amount of expertise and knowledge I was going to receive when going to the groups.


I have found the groups valuable in allowing me a social interaction with many like minded people, which I may not have got otherwise.


Kate's knowledge of experiencing anxiety is very valuable and relatable to many who attend the group meetings. She does not preach, but allows the members to chat freely about whatever the issues are that have been troubling them. They give advice but do not tell the people what they have to do. 


Many pieces of advice from both Kate and Lina I have used to try to help me when anxiety and panic return for myself.


I would recommend the Panic Room SA to my friends or anyone else who suffers from anxiety or any other mental health issue."


B.H.  Published with permission.


"I had almost lost hope"
"Speaking out is therapeutic"

When I first came to the support group, I was off medication because the medication did not suit me and I was experiencing intense levels of depression and anxiety. I did not know what to do and I had almost lost hope.


The support group helped me to cope with that very difficult period in my life and get back on the trajectory towards recovery. The group leader and co-facilitators do a fantastic job in running the group and providing support to group members.


The group is filled with kind, empathetic, and non-judgmental people, who make you feel like you are not alone in your struggles with anxiety and depression.



I highly recommend this support group.



K.Y. Published with permission.

"The face to face group is well run and very helpful for people with anxiety,  panic attacks etc.  It's good to know i’m not alone.  People can relate to each other and speaking out is therapeutic. Kate is brilliant at being real, having coped with the issues personally, and has empathy.


If you need to talk about more involved scenarios Kate also does personal counselling.  Kate is one of the nicest people I have met - kind, considerate, understanding and caring. I trust her! 


I love the forum as we have a laugh, cry, support each other , talk when lonely etc."


P.C. Published with permission.

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    Support Groups:

    Tuesday - Fornightly

    6.30pm - 8.30pm

    Thebarton Community Centre

    60-78 South Road


    Monday - Monthly

    7pm - 8.30pm

    Online Via SKYPE


    **Please refer to services page for upcoming dates.


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    Due to restricted hours of operation, calls and emails are returned on Monday  and Friday each week.


    Please note that it is not our practice to reply therapeutically via email or phone.     

    Please be aware that The Panic Room SA is not a crisis service and, as such, cannot provide an immediate response  If you are in need of urgent assistance please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or the Adult Mental Health Service (SA) on 13 14 65.



    0410 521 633